Cocoon Innovations Fashionable Laptop Bags

I wish I’ve found the official website for this company called Cocoon Innovations and show you more models with detailed description of these cool fashionable laptop bags.

This new collection will be launched on the market later this year, more exactly in Spring, and will offer you a wide range of laptop bag models to choose from and stand out from the crowd with these unique creations.

Cocoon Innovations’ solution provides enough space for you mobile computer plus additional handhelds such as your cell phone, mice, the iPod and headphones. Inside the bag all these will be protected during travel but the smart design doesn’t sacrify the design. These fashionable laptop bags have organic shapes and feature small form factors in addition to offering a smart solution for organizing your gadgets.

The Grid is a proprietary universal elastic system created for the bag’s interior, which customizes the digital device storage.

That’s all we know about these interesting fashionable laptop bags and we hope to see them soon on the stores’ shelves.

(Source MobileTechReview)

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