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Buy 2 XO Mini Laptop Computers From Amazon and Donate One

Starting today you have the possibility to participate in the new Amazon’s program called OLPC Give 1 Get 1. It consists of buying a brand new XO laptop computer at a low price of just $399 and at the same time, another XO laptop will be sent to a child in a developing country. Practically [...]

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XO Laptops News

The One Laptop per Child, as you already know, is a smart initiative that proved its benefits since the first children from countries in development phase received it. The non-profit organization distributes the XO laptops at extremely low costs but with strong functionalities, so that every child who learns on it to have a rugged [...]

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Next XO Laptop

One Laptop per Child non-profit organization that provides affordable laptop computers to children in poor countries plans to develop the second version of the famous XO laptop, which will be called XO-2. “Based on feedback from governments, educators and most important, from the children themselves, we are aggressively working to lower the cost, power and [...]

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