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Motion Computing Tablets Got Updated

While this has been announced some time ago, the Motion Computing tablets got updated officially only a few hours ago. Well, in fact, we’re talking about one rugged tablet PC, and a mobile clinical assistant. Any of these seem to be your thing? No matter if the answer is affirmative or not, take a look [...]

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Motion J3400

Computing while in motion isn’t something everybody enjoys, although I managed to meet quite a few people that enjoy netbooks and other portable computers more than desktops. In fact, even statistics of the market share evolution show that notebooks have left the desktop computers in the dust. Well, that’s evolution…and so is the Motion J3400, [...]

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Fingerprint Sensor

Motion Computing’s first semi-rugged tablet PV, the F5, will feature Authentec’s fingerprint sensor technology for protecting stored data and networks the tablet connects to. Other mobile devices have adopted this security module considered to be the most advanced, and these include cell phones such as the Asus M536 and Asus M50 and M70 notebooks. “We [...]

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