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Datawind Launches 4 New Ubislate Tablets Running on Android 4.0

Datawind has launched 4 new UbiSlate tablets that run on Android 4.0 and are low cost products. The UK based company has announced that the UbiSlate will be available as series of UbiSlate 7Ri, UbiSlate 7Ci, UbiSlate C+ and UbiSlate 7Ri. The makers said that all the tablets are powered by ARM Cortex-8 processor which [...]

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PocketSurfer 2R Mini Laptop Computers with Free Unlimited Internet Access

Mobile Internet Devices or MIDs are very popular these days because of their practical design and small form factor that cuts the weight as well. We wrote about Pocket Surfer 2 from Datawind a while ago and you were attracted by it. Now we want to show you a new improved version of the same [...]

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Pocket Surfer 2

The mobile web browser from Datawind it is very thin, lightweight and fits your pocket. You can use it for web surfing and the navigation is better than on your mobile phone as the display is large enough at 5 inches and 640 x 240 pixel resolution to show web pages perfectly clear with full [...]

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