Best 10 Inch Laptop Computers Reviews

Laptop computers have evolved over the past years. If in the last decade we were used with big machines on our desktops nowadays we can benefit from wireless portable computers. Laptops were the big hit, and they still are, but notebooks and netbooks have been taken the market recently. Smaller systems are required for travelers and for those just wanting to slip the laptop computer in their case without having to break their back carrying over 10 pounds systems. As more and more 10” laptop computers have been developed, we can say there are some <strong>best 10 inch laptop computers</strong> we can <strong>review</strong>. The good thing about them is the price. Usually they come under $300 and maybe that is why they are so popular.

Let’s start with Asus Eee PC 1001P. It comes at $290 and it provides an excellent price/features scale. It is powered by a N450 processor, has 1GB of memory installed and a pretty spacious 160GB hard drive. The battery life is again impressive, in practice it seems to last for about 8 hours. The construction feels solid and the matte casing is fingerprints-proof. The keyboard is flat standard and it isn’t as comfortable as more expensive laptops. For connectivity you have Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g and Gigabit Ethernet. You can choose from four colors: white black, pink and blue. If you want to have Bluetooth, there is an improved version that is even more spacious, 250 GB but you will have to pull a couple more dollars out of the pocket.

Another <strong>10 inch laptop computer</strong> worth buying is Samsung N150. Unlike the previous Asus, the screen is matte and the casing is silky smooth, it feels really nice when you hold it. This model comes with an improved webcam, chiclet keyboard and Wireless N connectivity. The battery will last for about 6 hours, but it is still a good time for a small laptop computer. Here you also have colors to choose from, some of them matte some glossy. You have black, blue, red, white, yellow and pink.

Toshiba NB305 comes a bit expensive, about $330 or $370. It is one of the <strong>best 10 inch laptop computers</strong> in the U.S and one of the most popular as well.  It has a N450 processor, 1GB of RAM, great connectivity and a 250GB hard drive. Maybe it is not as good looking as the previous systems reviewed, but it is definitely solid built and very reliable. The casing is resistant to scratches and very comfortable. It comes in multiple colors and you can choose to customize it if you have the money. Of course Sony Vaio couldn’t step out of the light.  Sony vaio W comes for $449, but it is amazing when it comes to design and construction. Here also you have various colors to choose from and the most popular are white and pink.

It looks great on the outside, but the inside is as well as impressive. Powered by a N450 processor has 1GB of memory installed and a spacious 250GB hard drive. The good thing is that the 10 inch display is HD and has a great resolution of 1366×768 pixels. As for connectivity it has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The 6-cell battery will last for about 8 hours.

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