AT HDPiX USB to HDMI Adapter

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During the Customer Electronics Show 2009, you’ll have the opportunity to see a universal HDMI adapter specially designed for laptop computers and desktop PCs.
It comes from Atlona Technologies, a company that manufactures audio/video accessories.

The new model is a USB to HDMI adapter and was called AT-HDPiX. It practically adds a HDMI port to computers, including Macs, and offers several solutions including in digital signage and home theater environments, where users can watch video content from any PC to any High Definition TV screen at a high resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels.
Even if it’s powerful and innovative, the form factor of the new device is small, so that it won’t occupy much space on the desk.

HDPiX USB to HDMI adapter supports 3.5-mm stereo audio input from the PC and that’s why it provides the 34Mbps bandwidth of the USB connectivity for transferring High Definition video content. This process eliminates dropped frames from intensive motion like in action movies, while the audio is transferred together with the video over the same HDMI cable.

Expect to see the Atlona Technologies’s HDPiX adapter in stores before Christmas, at a starting price of $179.

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