Asus Laptops VS. HP Laptops

Both of them have experience as computer manufacturers, both have products available in the entire world and both of them have always come up with something special for all you consumers out there. But the question is who will win in the battle of Asus laptops versus HP laptops. For the comparison round, we have decided to give Asus a head start since HP is one of the best brand in computer development. So, we have chosen to compare an Asus product that really has an impact on the market when it was launched. Here we go; it’s HP Mini 2140 versus Asus Eee PC 1005.

As you’ve guessed by their names, these are actually netbooks and netbooks are the ultimate portable computers on the planet. The models we are about to show you are very similarly configured, but one of them is better than the other. There is nothing special about the design of the HP Mini 2140 (in fact, it looks kind of boring) whereas the Asus Eee PC 1005 has hinges and when you open the lid of the notebook, it slides back and makes this gadget look smaller (we think it looks like a toy). And the Asus Eee netbooks are available in many different colors to give you the chance to personalize your laptop style. The Asus Eee’s keyboard is plain and black and has nothing appealing to it (unless you buy a pink Eee; then it will be pink) but the HP Mini’s keyboard is shiny and silver and, best of all, it is water resistant. That’s good knows for you all you out there who want to enjoy a coffee or a glass of orange juice while surfing the internet.  And the best keyboard award goes to HP Mini 2140! However, the Asus touchpad is better that the HP Eee’s one since the second one is narrow and the vertical spacing of the button is quite uncomfortable (this is what happens when you make all that effort to produce a really compact computer).

asus-laptops-vs-hp-laptopsThe Eee wins at the performance level just by a notch with its 1.66 GHz Intel Atom N280 processor compared to the 1.6 GHz Intel Atom N270 processor of the HP Mini. And HP almost had him, what a shame! Both netbook have 10.1 inch display but the pixel resolution of the screen is much better in the Eee’s case. That’s another point for Asus! In terms of battery life, you will be surprised with the performances of these two little critters. The HP Mini’s battery can last 7 hours while running the usual application and 5 hours while using intense memory application. The Eee is even much better. It runs for 8 hours with normal tasking and 6 hours with heavy-duty tasks. The Asus Eee PC 1005 has won again. The HP Mini is thinner than the Eee but the Eee is lighter than the HP Mini. And now, the most interesting part for most of you: price. You can but the Asus Eee for about 350 dollars while the HP Mini is available at approximately $450. In our opinion, the winner is the Asus Eee PC 1005, but if are looking for that more “tough and manly” netbook appearance, you should definitely go with the HP.

Well, we have shown you the good and the bad of those two models above but that does not mean this is the general conclusion. We should first see some facts in general about these two well reputed companies and maybe then we can draw a conclusion about who makes the best laptops from these two manufacturers. As usual, we have read some general reviews about customer satisfaction in general with these two companies.

We found out that lots of people who bought an Asus laptop were so happy, that they went off and bought another one (and, in some cases, another one). People who have used Asus for their business needs are very happy with the service. One HP user from another country said he found customer services to be useless in their country so he ended up calling in the United States to get his problem solved. Overall, people really do seem happier with Asus as many have owned one of their laptops for years and did not have one single problem. Well, we think that is a bit exaggerated, as after many years of use that battery sure can’t last charged very long but these users probably don’t care so much about battery life as their care for other aspects of laptops. And, besides, the laptop’s batteries are one of the simplest things to replace. You just buy one, put it in, format it and there you go.

The truth is, when companies like Asus and HP get on a big competitive level with each other, this is something to the customer’s advantage. That is because they come up with new models all the time, which are made available at good pricing and they have the latest technology and best components. They will do anything to have better sales figures then the other companies so they will have good sales promotions and extended warranties and other things that are welcome to us users.

Both of their websites stuck us as being a bit too serious, with all that black and white spread around. Check out Dell’s website, which is full of colors and looks so lively. But let’s get back to Asus and HP matters; after all, this is Asus laptops versus HP laptops. Asus website seems more easy to use because you get to choose your continent and country right from the beginning when you enter the web page and so eliminate any useless information from the start. You will be shown products that are available in your area. As for the product range, it is clear HP has a lot more to choose from. Another plus for HP is the Pavilion series and Asus has nothing that can compare to it. Both companies offer extended warranty packages for their customers but HP has laptops drivers available for download directly from their website and that is something we did not find on Asus’ page. This being said, we will let you decide who your winning company is.


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