Asus Laptops On Sale

It comes a time when each manufacturer has <strong>laptops on sale</strong> and the main thing you have to do is go on their website and see the offers, the coupon codes and other facilities. <strong>Asus laptops</strong> don’t skip this category and they have systems <strong>on sale</strong>,  and they also show which the most bought laptops are.

You can find  whatever you like: mini laptops, notebooks, desktops, components and so  on.  You can find now <strong>Asus laptops on sale</strong> and some of the models are: K50IJ-SX416V, G73JW-TZ152V and the rest are mini laptops.

Let’s take each one in term and see what they really have to offer.  To start with, the K50IJ-SX416V has a 15.6” display with HD and  Color-Shine technology and a native resolution of 1366×768. It comes  powered by the Intel Pentium Dual Core T4500 processor, delivering fast  response time and great performance. And due to the 4GB of RAM  installed, you will surely enjoy multitasking and running some of the  best applications with ease. With the Intel GMA X4500M, you have the  possibility to play intensive games and enjoy great picture quality. And  because you have a 500GB hard drive, you have enough place to store all  your games, software, documents and other files and folders you will  create.

If you want to write some data on discs, you can manage it  easily with the DVD Super Multi Dual Layer. You will also be glad to  hear that the operating system is the ultimate Windows 7 Home Premium.  Staying connected to the internet is possible because you get to have  802.11 BGN. With the integrated webcam you can start video chatting with  your friends no matter where you are.  The 6-cell battery will provide  about 2-3 hours of use, depending more on the type of applications you  will be running. At first, this laptop was priced at £425, but now it is  <strong>on sale</strong> and you can get it now at £385.

Other <strong>Asus laptop on sale </strong>is Asus G73JW-TZ152V. This one has a  higher price tag, but this is because it features an amazing 17.3”  display with a native resolution of 1920×1080, powerful components as  well, which turn this Asus laptop into a real gaming system.  having the  latest Intel Core i7-740M (1.73GHz), can be turbo up to 2.93GHz and  NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460M, you will be able to play the latest 3D games  and run the most intensive applications. The amount of RAM installed is  8GB and you don’t get a usual DVD-writer, but a Blu-ray RW. You can  enjoy watching movies at exceptional quality, clearer and brighter than  ever, and all at a gorgeous 17.3” screen.  The operating system is the  same Windows 7 Home Premium and the battery life in this case is longer,  because the 8-cell battery is the one provided. But having such a big  size, you will not be able to carry this laptop as easily as the  previous one.  You receive a bag and a mouse as bonus, because games are  meant to be played with all accessories included.

The warranty is for 2 year global and as for external ports here is  what you get: one microphone and one headphone jack, four USB ports and  one HDMI.  Measurements are 42.0 x 31.0 x 1.89~5.68 cm and the weight  3.85kg.

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