Asus Bamboo Laptops

Asus decided to go eco-friendly with their bamboo laptops. With so many models out there, it is hard to come up with something unique to attract new customers, but Asus has surely done it. The new design is definitely unique and it will attract some environmentally-users on its side. As everybody uses gadgets and technology, old components and systems are dumped away, and just imagine the waste and the impact on the air we breathe and on the overall quality of life on Earth.

Asus has decided to be a part of this by changing the universe into a better, safer place. The bamboo Asus laptops can be recycled and the the environmental impact is reduced. It is rumored that these new laptops will cost $999, still a bargain and if you really care for the environment you can try them. And don’t think it is all about the design because the performance and the components inside are made to impress you and you will be able to run any applications, software, games and more.



Most of the systems will come with Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 processors; will have Windows 7 as the operating system and USB connectivity. Some of them have a 500GB hard drive and even Blu-ray drives to watch movies at the best quality. ASUS’s Super Hybrid Engine is optimized to reduce the CO2 emissions and to help improve the battery life. Imagine that if 6 million Asus systems are sold in one year, there will be about 73.8M kg of CO2. There are several Asus bamboo laptops and mini laptops that have been released, and they have different screen sizes and components. To start with, let’s consider Asus U33Jt. This one has a powerful Intel Core i7-640UM processor, 4GB of RAM, switchable NVIDIA GeForce 310M and Intel GMA HD, a web camera incorporated, Windows 7 and a 13.3” display with a native resolution of 1366×768 pixels.

It also has an 8 cell battery which will provide a longer battery life than the average 2-3 hours and weighting just 1.7kg you will be able to carry the laptop around anytime and anywhere. It is highly-portable, and with such great specifications you will always want to do your thing. Another model with a larger display is Asus U83Jc. This one has a wide choice of processors, such as Intel Core i3 and i5 running at different speed, 4GB of RAM DDR3, Windows 7 of course, hard drives from 320GB to 640GB, same switchable NVIDIA GeForce 310M and Intel GMA HD, web camera, a 14” display with a native resolution of 1366×768 pixels and it weights 2.2kg. It is still portable and it still offers the high-performance you need in a laptop.



Another system choice includes U53F/U53Jc, same processor, operating system and RAM choice, more options regarding graphics though, Optical Drive DVD Super-Multi/Blu-Ray Combo, a better 1.3 even 2 megapixels web camera and a 15.6” display. With this model you will be able to see better what is on the screen, but as it is slightly bigger you will need to think about using some bags or laptop cases.

One last choice can be the U6V-V1 12.1” laptop with a less powerful processor, but with enhanced multimedia features. The Express Gate gives you instant media thrills in 10 seconds without even booting the system.

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