Are HP Laptops Good?

Are HP laptops any good? If there is one thing they teach you in marketing class is that to answer to most of the question in life is depends. So this is the answer we are going to give you today. It depends on what you want a laptop for. We have read that some HP laptops have problem with overheating. other get the blue screen of death. But the number of HP laptops sold every year leads us to believe that these laptops are preferred by a huge number of people worldwide.

For all those looking for a multimedia laptop with satisfying performance, the HP Pavilion series is worth taking into consideration. This line of desktops and laptops was introduced back in 1995 and they have been selling and selling Pavilions ever since. But instead of talking about reviews on different Pavilion models, we have decided to check out some user complaints and see what makes these people complain when it comes to laptops. In June 2007, owners of the Pavilion 6000 and Pavilion 9000 series filled HP’s website with different complaints about their wireless not working anymore. Instead of offering support or a quick solution to the problem, the company left user to help each other out. So, the complaints just kept coming and coming. The second thread was suggesting a BIOS upgrade and replacing the network adapter. If you read the posts on the HP website forum, it seems that the company is letting the customers figure out by themselves what the problem is and when they figure out they need a new motherboard, they should ask for it. A few months later, HP finally admitted there was a problem with the wireless function. The responded with a post on the same forum and said that the issue apparently affected certain pavilion models that were running Windows Vista. This Anna from HP Total Care also said that people should not try to replace the wireless card or insert any kind of third party wireless modules because this will not solve the problem and it is in violation of the FCC regulations.


The last part came as a response to those who suggested several solutions like using external wireless adapters. One angry user responded to Ann’s thread by saying that they are all aware that this is not a BIOS problem and not an operating system problem (even if HP Total Care said that this is a Vista problem, there are numerous posts of Windows XP users that have the same issue). Apparently the solution to everyone problem was to get a new motherboard or even a brand new laptop. In my opinion, this was a very unprofessional move which ended up in losing a lot of HP customers. Since the success of every company revolves around the client, HP should have been more customer oriented and try to fix this problem in due time.

HP Pavilion dv2988 Special Edition are Good

While surfing the internet we found another story of a different customer who also has something to say about a problem with a Pavilion model. This particular user bought last year the HP Pavilion dv2988 Special Edition as a Christmas gift for a relative. This is not a fancy laptop (and by fancy I mean it does not have the greatest specs, as a gaming laptop would) but it worked pretty well until problems began to appear. This laptop has a custom on-screen display (called OSD for short) which recognizes various touch functions for different operations like adjusting the volume. The problem was that you had to wait way too long for this function to go away. “We will try to explain why this is happening by using non-tech complicated terms.” Imagine you were using a 64 bit operating system on your laptop and you were trying to adjust the volume level with an 86 process-owned window. HP fixed this problem by removing the OSD for x64 users and transformed it into a new version of Quick Touch.

Are HP Laptops has Good WiFi

Now, one HP series that customers really seem to be happy about is the EliteBook. These laptops offer a positive answer to the question “Are HP laptops any good”? This series was designed mostly for business purposes because they offer good performance for a pretty high price. For example, the EliteBook 8530w is a 15.4 laptop with some really great components inside that offer value for money. It has a 2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T9400 processor, 4 GB of DDR2 RAM, another 160 GB of Toshiba HDD and the NVIDIA Quadro FX 770M graphics card with 512 MB of video memory. By reading a couple of reviews for this laptop we have decided that we should puts out hand together and give a big round of applause for HP. Made out of solid plastic and reinforced by magnesium alloy, this laptop is definitely going to resist a couple of shocks. Due to the good specs, multi tasking is not a problem for the EliteBook 8530w and you can launch application at impressive speed.

Are HP EliteBook 8530w Laptops Good

Even the keyboard has been enhanced with a special textured finish that was applied to all the keys so they will have a beautiful matte look all the time. You have a total of 4 USB ports, one Ethernet jack, one HDMI out, an eSATA port, a FireWire, a smart card slot plus an Express Card slot, a multi card reader, the modem port, the Kensington lock slot plus the headphones and microphone jack. This laptop also comes with a Blu-ray optical drive. For regular office work, the laptop will keep a quite atmosphere. If you so some heavy video streaming and force the laptop with some heavy graphics, the fan will become rather noisy. We are ok with that, because it keeps that laptop under acceptable temperatures. It’s fair to say the laptop is “cool” considering the powerful components that are inside.

Which HP Laptop is the Best

Now, we are not sure if the information above is enough for you to make up your mind about HP products. Except for mass error in fabrication, like the one on the 6000 and 9000 Pavilion models, I guess it’s mostly a matter of luck if the unit you buy will have a long life or not. Just because one user had a bad experience with a specific model, it does not mean we have to generalize and point the finger on the company every time.

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