3D Computer Display with Stereoscopic Effects on Mini Notebook Computers

We’ve just been informed about a new cool gadget available for mini notebook computers’ users and we decided to tell you all about it because we’re sure you’ll love it!

It is called the Netbook3D and it is a special mod developed by iArt3D, a company from Taiwan, which enables 3D imaging on your small portable system’s display. This functionality is enabled by stereoscopic 3D pictures and videos technology that doesn’t require wearing those funny 3D glasses.

The technology combines the stereoscopic capability with a special software and a thin film that applies on mini notebook computers’ screens, such as the Asus Eee PC or Acer Aspire One, being available in different sizes.

If you plan to add stereoscopic effects to mini notebook computers and enable the 3D computer display feature you’ll have to spend about $79 for the 7-inch NetBook3D Kit designed to fit an Eee PC. Included specifications are: removable lens, 3D preview, ease of use, instant 3D photo conversion, portable 3D picture frame, 3D image sharing, and multiple wide-angle views. Also, in the package you will find one 3D lens, the Auto3D Maker SE CD, the Auto3D Player SE & DEMO CD, a 6 x 4 inches i-Magic Frame for 3D pictures, a 4 x 3 inches i-Magic Viewer, and the Hardware Security Dongle.

(Thanks for the tip, Nick!)

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